Targeted Training Eliminate Your Toughest Performance Obstacles

Do You Freeze or Choke When It Counts? “I perform great until it really counts. That’s when I always drop the ball.” “I studied for nearly five months, and then on test day, my mind went blank!” “During my big presentation, I forgot the major points. I felt like I was suffocating.” The Elite Performance Coach’s E-MO System provides the most critical performance training for elite performers. My training will help you bypass the emotional-mental obstacle (EMO) that takes over in clutch situations. This obstacle infects your performance like a virus and renders you helpless in high-stress situations. The drop in your performance is not your fault – it’s simply an invisible force you haven’t learned how to control – until now. Ideal for:

  • Pro and elite junior athletes who experience choking in clutch situations
  • Pro athletes who face intense media and fan scrutiny
  • Students who freeze and panic during exams
  • Business Professionals who forget information during important presentations
  • Performing artists who perform poorly under pressure

Only the right targeted training will deliver predictable performance – Every. Single. Time. In as few as two E-MO sessions, you can eliminate your toughest internal obstacle. No extra practice. No extra mental training. Just elite performance training that works.