Retain Your Competitive Edge

Want to Ensure You Keep Your Competitive Edge?

The Breakthrough Coach, LLC’s Elite Performance Coaching ensures you keep the competitive edge you’ve created through practice, E-MO performance training and preparing to seize every opportunity. Subtle changes in performance can be detected by a coach who is intimately aware of a player’s behavior. Working closely with you, I’ll create a customized plan of action to help you keep your edge and continue to push the boundaries of performance.

Ideal for:

  • Pro and elite junior athletes who play in highly-competitive environments where their careers are at stake
  • Academic athletes who must perform consistently semester after semester
  • Business Professionals who must excel in their field of expertise
  • Performing artists who must continue to improve year-in, year-out

Elite Performance Coaching℠ supports elite performance-based individuals. The frequency and duration of your coaching program can be customized to fit your needs, goals and schedule.