Hi, I’m Jeffrey Hartman. For more nearly four decades, I’ve been working with elite performance-based individuals from all walks of life, including NFL and NBA athletes, collegiate and elite junior athletes, students, accomplished performing artists, and Fortune 500 business professionals from a wide variety of industries. I’ve used my innate understanding of human dynamics to propel people just like you to their highest potential quickly and easily. I love seeing you experience higher levels of success – beyond what you may have imagined for yourself. All my programs have been created working with real-life people to deliver real-life success.

As an elite performance-based professional myself, I am intimately aware of the unique challenges we face. I am a judge for the Grammy Awards, a hit songwriter, an award-winning teacher, nationally accomplished pro-touring coach and now the creator of E-MO™ Success Coaching.

I have distilled my decades of experience into Elite Performance Coaching, The E-MO™ System and Success Coaching. These programs work to predictably unlock your highest potential and support you in riding the edge of your very best performance.

IF you are looking for success, ELITE PERFORMANCE COACHING is for you. Call me at (609) 350-5334.